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Coffee Shop

In this RFP the following definitions shall apply: “City” means the City of Surrey; “City Representative” has the meaning set out in section 1. 8; “City Website” means www. surrey. ca; “Closing Time” has the meaning set out in section 1. 3; “Contract” means a formal written contract between the City and a Preferred Proponent to undertake the Services, the preferred form of which is attached as Schedule B; “Evaluation Team” means the team appointed by the City; “Information Meeting”…

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Icao Personnel Licensing

APPLICATION OF ARTICLE 39 (b) [Q- b) If Article 38 has to be complied with regardless of the nature of the difference, and the State legislation is more demanding than the equivalent SARP, should this difference be endorsed on a flight crew license in accordance with Article 39 (b)? ] Article –39(b) provides us that a person holding a license but does not satisfy in full the criteria or conditions laid down in the international standard relating to the class…

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