Laptop Essays

Expensive Purchase

I bought my first laptop when I was doing my bachelors and when the circuits shorted out on the laptop and the engineer at the service center told me that it would be too expensive to replace the motherboard, I had to make a decision as to whether I was going to buy a second laptop or a desktop. My first laptop had been Toshiba and I had been to the service center several times in the past to get…

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Laptops Replace Textbook

The initial reaction to this question by many people is, “What a ridiculous question!” However, there are many key issues to consider, like cost, ease of use (is the computer screen too hard on our eyes for extensive reading?), maintenance and repair (if students carry them from class to class, will they break?), but most importantly, student learning (what is the best way to help students learn?). In order to come to a conclusion on the subject, all of these…

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Increasing Use of Laptops

I have noticed that use of laptops have been increased in our university specially in computer science department as, almost every student got his own laptop from Shahbaz Shareef laptop scheme .It has some disadvantages in addition to advantages. ADVANTAGES: 1) Internet – by having access to the internet, you are then enabled to come up with past course material on the spot . 2) Notes – you are also likely to find that the notes that you make are…

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