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Situation Analysis

This section analyzes the two scenarios of IT management whether using solutions and systems without any best practice or using them with the help of best practices. Because planning, implementation and control are functions of management in general, this section will focus on IT management in both scenarios to identify exactly whether the best practices approach is an effective approach to control implementation of IT plans or not. Scenarios of IT management. First Scenario (Without best practices) First Scenario (With…

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Should you Hire an Experienced Hacker to Protect Your It Systems

Securing IT systems from potential threats and thefts is a daunting task faced by organizations. Sensitive information in wrong hands could be harmful and can cause lot of damage. Hackers not only gain access to information but also indulge in various forms of cyber terrorism such as extortion. Hackers, discover the vulnerabilities of an IT system and exploit it. They understand the nuances of the system so well that exploiting it for their advantage becomes easy. The question one needs…

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Choosing the Best Method

Two approaches to the development of automation for organization that are moving from a manual system have been adopted. An organization moving from an old system may choose to either develop their own or buy an already made system. There are several issue involved in deciding on whether to buy or to build a system and thus every organization must look at these factors keenly before making a decision as it has a great bearing on the effectiveness of the…

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