Ip Address Essays

College Campus

In this assignment we are going to design a campus network. Delta Community College (DCC) is a small college. It is attended by 600 full and part time students. The students do not live on campus. There are three dormitories for the students and each dorm can accommodate 400 students. Distance from the college campus to the dorms are: • Dorm1 College Campus = 22KM • Dorm2 College Campus = 5KM • Dorm3 College Campus = 15KM Numbers of students…

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Mobil Ip

“A Mobile IP address allows users to connect to the Internet without a normal static or dynamic IP address through the use of a unique mobile IP address. This unique address lets the computer connect through a network to a home IP address but still utilize and communicate with the network’s protocol.” What are the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile IP? Advantages: 1) Portability—virtually anywhere there is access 2) Convenience sustained connection while traveling between access points 3) Scalability built…

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