Horror Essays

Horror Stories

Horror stories have caught the attention of audiences throughout history, be it in literature or in film, because of its ability to ignite in us one of the most primordial of human emotions – fear. As H. P. Lovecraft’s quote above explicitly states, there is no other emotion as old and strong as that of fear, particularly that of the unknown. But what is the horror genre? Arguably, it can be said that horror, as exemplified in films, are fictional…

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Horrors of the Holocaust

Boris Slutsky wrote a poem titled, “How Did They Kill My Grandmother! ” The title itself is self-explanatory of the poems significance. There is no hidden symbolism or meaning. He is simply telling his readers how the Nazis cruelly killed his grandmother. During World War II, Nazis took over most Europe and the USSR, afflicting its people with unspeakable acts of cruelty and immorality. Hitler put a plan for extermination of ethnic impurity, known as the Final Solution, in place….

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Gothic Horror

All three stories are based on the Victorian era, they are all examples of Gothic horror. Gothic horror is shown to scare the the reader. the gothic era normally has a typical ghostley setting, it has to be mysterious and nothing is explained or even described! “Most gothic novels are tales of mystery and horror intended to chill the spines and cradle the blood. They contain a strong element of super natural”. Most gothic has alot of tension. There is…

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