Hope Essays

Fostering Hope

Among the strategies that I actually practice and have found to be helpful in fostering hope in life are visualization of success and optimism. As an individual with Attention Deficiency Disorder (ADD), I have had to work harder than every one else as among the challenges of my condition are poor memory retention, impulsivity, and short attention span. I therefore have to take extra effort to complete tasks, which makes work more difficult and oftentimes discouraging. Visualizing that I am…

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Expressing Global Linkage with Hope

My chosen major is Global Business. This major trains us to develop skills in management in a global perspective and further enhance these skills in trade, competition, and investments. It entails learning patterns in international and global business specifically on the terms of imports, exports, monetary relationships, and direct investment. The specific skills learned in this major are: setting a mission and vision for the global business enterprise; developing a global business plan; conducting research in an international environment; understanding…

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Hope Versus Reality Where do you Stand

Hope is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously is the source of the person greatest strength, and the greatest weakness. It is true to say that somewhere between optimism and pessimism is where we usually find realism. Logically, it is impossible to stop yourself from hoping certain things, but it becomes a problem when hope for something good becomes a delusion. It is good to hope for better conditions, but it is bad to call hope a virtue, then use that…

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