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Ernest Hemingway

This statement by the writer and journalist, Ernest Hemingway, is not agreeable for me. In my own understanding of morality, it speaks of a system of behavior in regards to standards of right or wrong. It is not about the feelings one can experience after doing something. A feeling is a natural response to our thoughts and intentions. I think not all the decisions that could make us feel good are moral even if it gives us satisfaction and convenience….

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Literary Analysis of Ernest Hemingway

Stewart, Matthew C (2000) quite rightly points out that: If literary quality is a register of how deeply an author has felt the subject matter about which he writes, then Hemingway felt very deeply about his war experiences, for these are some of his finest stories. They are “In Another Country,” “Now I Lay Me,” and “A Way You’ll Never Be. ” The first story very clearly anticipates A Farewell to Arms in its opening paragraph, its setting and the…

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Hemingway’s Exploration of Loneliness…

Ernest Hemingway is known for his surprisingly brief and ‘quiet’ short stories that tackle numerous topics through different approaches. In his stories, “Cat in the Rain” and “A Clean and Well-lighted place” Hemingway tackles the issue of loneliness. In both of these stories the theme of loneliness is not directly addressed, instead a subtle and discreet amount of symbolism is used to imply the theme while allowing the reader critical thought which is important in appreciating either of these stories….

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