Healthcare Occupations Essays

Nurse Practioner Admission

Since graduating in 2008 with my diploma in nursing, I have had many personal and clinical experiences. The challenges I have faced have facilitated my competency as a nurse and increased my desire to continue my education in nursing. My introduction to emergency room nursing was during my senior year as a nursing student, as a patient care technician. Even though some days were trying and there was a lot of learning to be had, I almost immediately knew this…

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Roles and Ways of Knowing

Advanced Roles & Ways of Knowing An Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) is described as a registered nurse with a graduate level education in nursing from an accredited college or university. Over the years, the APN has become a vital part of the healthcare team providing affordable, advanced care both in and out of the hospital setting. An APN has extended his/her nursing skills by not only past and present experiences but also by research. It is crucial for an APN…

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