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Luxury Good

? Introduction 1. 1 Background of Study For luxury product and brand in the past three decades, Chinese market is unprecedented booming. From Pierre Cardin dominate early, later Louis Vuitton Illustrious, to each proliferation of luxury brands, the Chinese luxury high-end consumer tasted bud grow vitality and enjoyed the excitement noisy fanatical pursuit of luxury brands. While luxury product appears to be the public think that is only a small number of people can have the products, but according to…

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Luxury Goods in Hong Kong, China

Luxury goods experienced a slowdown in current value growth for 2012 against 2011, largely attributed by the unstable economic conditions brought about by the 2011 Euro crisis as well as the slowing down of the Chinese economy. While consumers’ sentiments were still relatively strong, spending continued to tilt towards a more cautious end. Depreciation of Euros also saw more consumers heading to Hong Kong for holidays and in turn purchasing luxury goods from there to take advantage of the. Euromonitor…

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Economic Goods

Common goods and public goods both fall under the area of non-exclusivity; which means people cannot be restricted from consuming the goods in question, and they are not being paid for. The difference is that common goods are a form of rival goods and public goods are not. Rival goods are the type of commodities and resources which, while being consumed, decreases the size of consumption another person has of partaking in it. One example of a common good would…

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