Genre Fiction Essays

Crime Fiction Notes

Study: – read over your essay and familiarise yourself with your wording – have discussions – Figure out the arguments in your head – practise exams – don’t just Know the material REALLY UNDERSTAND it The Big Sleep Observation: – conventions that are constant throughout generations of crime fiction genre (passion, detachment, love, hope, justice) are a reflection on the timeless and universal human needs – conventions that are subverted are a reflection of changing values and context Context: –…

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Genre Text

When you think of the term ‘genre’, what does it exactly mean to you? Well I’m sure it’s without a doubt that you all commonly believe it constitutes either a kind or category of text, but in actual fact does it really? Good morning Year 11. The prime focus of your studies during the HSC course next year, I’m going to discuss how the genre of crime fiction has extended through time, whereby a variety of notions and characteristics exhibited…

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