Gay Marriage Essays

Gay Marriages Are Harmful for Society_

Gay sex marriage is the most conflicting issue in the contemporary social world. The opponents of the single-sex marriage propagate that gay marriage is harmful socially and morally whereas its proponents are of the view that gay marriage is an individual right that brings no harm to the society. This paper explores the both viewpoints in the social, religious and historical perspective. Since the last half of the 20th century certain segments of the society defied the views of the…

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Gay Marriages

When newer lifestyles creep into our society, inline with our thoughts and liberties, guardians of the older versions are likely to be taken back. These lifestyle changes happen in every sphere of life, like the way we eat or work. In getting along with it, we may have to abandon our traditional ways. Sometimes these may go unnoticed, as it may be beneficial to all, having none to worry about it. But other times the issues in question may be…

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Gay Marriages Make Them Legal_ Rebuttal

Thomas Stoddard’s Gay Marriages: Make Them Legal, has some valid points, but I am not convinced nor persuaded to agree that gay marriages should be legalized. Stoddard begins with the sad story of a gay couple. Karen Thompson and Sharon Kowalski who exchanged vows that were not recognized by the government, and were living with each other in a committed relationship until Kowalski was struck by a drunk driver, which left her paralyzed and unable to communicate more than a…

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