Folklore Essays

Anne Sexton’s Cinderella_ an Analysis

We’ve always read or been read fairy tales once in our lives, and how do they always end? Yes, happily ever after. In Anne Sexton’s “Cinderella”, she shakes up the traditional fairy tale, by adding her own tale. She uses sarcasm to finish the tale, causing the reader’s expectation of a happy ending and a traditional fairy tale to disappear. In doing so, she depicts the difference between the fairy tale and reality world. With Sexton’s harsh words of reality,…

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The Features of Traditional Irish Storytelling

Fairytales are probably the most popular mean of entertainment not only for children but also for grown ups no matter which form they may take on: a story read or told by the parents, a play or an animated film. People rarely consider that while enjoying tales they contribute to the preservation of folklore, which also ‘includes all the traditional forms of expression that circulate without the aid of books – the art, speech, and literature created through personal interaction…

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