First Grade Essays

Early Intervention in the First Grade

The purpose of the paper is to look at early intervention in the first grade. The paper will discuss what early intervention at first grade is all about with close scrutiny of the various methods that are used in early intervention at schools and the effect of the intervention. It also shade light on the use and value of early intervention at first grade with respect to students performance later in the education. The introductory part of the paper will…

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Reading Difficulties and Its Relation to the Academic Performance of Grade Two Pupils

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION The key to learning is better reading skills. But this reading skill need not be confined to English only. The ability to read and write in any language or dialect is what is important. From this “life-long learning” or “survival” skill, one can develop the ability to “learn for life.” These are important elements for building individual competence and achievement that can be translated in the future into a competitive workforce. In this study, one of the…

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