Factor Essays

Tourists’ Evaluations of Destination Image and Future Behavioural Intention_ the Case of Malaysia

The competitive situation and greater challenges within the tourism industry worldwide entail a better understanding of destination image and destination loyalty(future behavioural intention) to achieve Malaysia’s apiration to retain its international reputation as one ofthe most desirable destinations in Asia and become a developed country in year 2020. The objectives of this study are to ascertain the perception of foreign tourists of Malaysia as a travel destination and determine the predicting factors that influence the formation of tourists’ future behavioural…

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Major Factor

The topic that I had chosen to explore is “should Japanese be allowed to own business in the United States. ” What really intrigued me in the topic were its pros and cons. Will this be good for the US economy? Will race be a major factor? Moreover, the topic also traverses the complex issue of ownership. The Japanese had been building up their reputation as very good business people. For others, the topic may not be as substantial as…

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Job Stress to Job Performance

The thesis selected for my critique which is called “A Study on Job Stress to Job Performance: Counseling as a Moderator” was written by Tseng, Yu-man in 2013. The thesis was done by a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Human Resource Management. It can be discovered on the Electronic Thesis Harvestable and Extensible System of National Sun Yat-Sen University. In this article, the overview of the thesis will be simply described followed by the…

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