Extended Definition Essays

Definition Analysis on Patriotism

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, patriotism can be defined as :love and devotion to one’s country”. This seems a broad enough definition for a word that is often used by people, but seldom closely examined. One person’s practice of patriotism might be regarded as treason by another and visa-versa. In modern day America it is assumed that to be patriotic is a virtue, especially in times of national crisis. This paper will look at the uncertainty surrounding what the…

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Extended Definition of the Word Religious

When defining a word, a simple step to take is get a dictionary and it will surely help someone whose problem is grasping for the meaning of a particular word. And as one reaches for a dictionary to determine a word’s definition, observation has to be taken with regards to the word’s denotation/s (direct meaning) and connotation/s (meanings which are implied), if ever these are included. In so doing, a proper grasp of the word will be obtained. The same…

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