Experiments Essays

Description of the Experiments

The results from the graph show that the 8 node depicted an increasing rate for both the mesh density ant the stress at A. The increase was not proportional as the more the mesh density the more the mesh density became flatter. The 4 node on the other hand started at a lower point (stress at A) than the 8 node. Still it experienced the increasing but at a decreasing characteristic. There was the possibility of the stress and mesh…

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Discovering Guinea Pigs

I. Project Description and General Information Since the world of Science has evolved, the experiments of scientists and other researchers also improve and get more complicated and may sometimes sound ridiculous. In modern Psychology, specifically in studying certain behaviors, animals have become subjects of some experiments. Now, why do we use Guinea pigs or other animals like rabbits, rats, monkeys and others to conduct trainings or experiments? Well, majority of the scientists all over the world have been used to…

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