Exhibition Essays

Legal, Ethical, and Risk Management – you Decide

I would like to begin by giving you a summarized scenario of assignment this week. My role in this scenario is an Event Leader for a tradeshow and exhibition. At the day of the event, I was standing by the loading dock with sweat dripping down my eye brow. As dozens of trucks and other vehicles line up for what seems like miles in the distance. As the sun continued to beat down on the loading dock, the union representatives…

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Exhibition Learning

Art is controversy. Even with words and visuals, it cannot be explained in its full essence. It can be felt, it can be understood, but it cannot be explained by anyone. It can be explained by the artworks themselves and for each individual, the meaning is different. One of the most common ways to showcase different forms or kinds of art is through exhibitions. An exhibition is a display, a presentation of something for the public. For an artist to…

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