Executive Essays

Compare the State and National Government

In many ways, the structure of state governments and the national government mirror each other. In this forum section, each student is to research one state government and compare it to the national government. Next, explain to the class if you think that the state you researched has a good form of democratic government. Hint: an encyclopedia at home, at a library or an internet search would help. Lastly, please remember to cite your research source. Each state has its…

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Executive Ad Legislative Department

In the Philippines the executive department is the most essential core of the government. Governance is achievable even without assembly or legislature but ruling with no executive is near impossible. The executive is headed by a president, it is a department of government charged with the administration or implementation of a policy or law. In presidential system it is viewed as a weakling form of government in at least some Latin American countries like Costa Rica, Chile and Venezuela. In…

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Checks and Balances

When the Framers of the Constitution set out to create a government, they made sure that one of the fundamental principles underlining the government would be the separation of powers. This separation of powers outlines the numerous powers and functions of the government by dividing them into separate independent levels and branches of the federal government. The Founders believed that by creating separate branches of government, it would help limit the powers of the national government and prevent tyranny. Therefore,…

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