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Unicef Events

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY On May 21, 2008 at 4pm in Yellowstone National Park, there will be a fundraising project to promote and support children’s education in the country. It will be a walkathon named The UNICEF Walkathon which aims to raise 21,000 dollars to be able to provide schools all over the world with basic school supplies and facilities.  We will be inviting families, students, celebrities and athletes from all over the Metro to walk for a cause giving $10 per…

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Events at Mattara Festival

We usually celebrate gatherings, festivals and the likes of events to unwind. To break from a very stressful schedule that consumes our energy. One of the festivals in Newcastle Australia is the Mattara festival that shows the lovely smiles and colorful creation of art. Mattara’s celebration showcases the talents and energy of participants and guest. The many events and categories of the festival show the unending happiness the people of Newcastle were experiencing. The difference in many festivals with Mattara…

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