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The general aviation industry billings maintain at a record-setting pace adding up to$12. 1 billion which is a $24. 1 percent increase within the first semi of the year 2008. Within the trade plane and turboprop, segments keep on rising steadily. Growing international markets can be said to have a constructive outcome on the turbine segments of the industry. Equally important is the impact of the post war era on the general aviation industry. The postwar era is the time…

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Enterprise Architecture as Strategy

Technology is shifting at a faster rate resulting in development of new methods that assist in completion of certain technological demand. This has given birth to different enterprise architecture frameworks that fulfill the requirements of day-to-day activities. Architecture is a framework of guidelines, principles, models, standards and strategies that directs, construction and development of business process, design and information and resources through enterprise. Hence, enterprise architecture is a blueprint, which defines the structure and operation of a given organization (Fowler…

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New Enterprise Group

Bob Chen came from the oriental culture. He was born in Hong Kong. He came to Canada to study and was eventually given the opportunity to work in one of the largest public accounting firms in Canada, James-Williams. As most Orientals, he was quiet and soft-spoken. He was not a straightforward person. He does not readily utter his exact opinions about a situation or a person. This courteous behavior of his had also apparently concealed most of his views about…

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