Engineer Essays

Electrical Engineer

Changes are the only thing constant in world. One of the very momentous events that lead to a very promising turning point was when my family and I came to United States without any knowledge about the English language, but I made it through by trying very hard and of course by the help of my parents, they motivated me and inspired me to strive hard. Though sometimes I feel very tired and disappointed, feeling that nobody will accept me…

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Environmental Engineer

For an Environmental Engineer, it is very important to know the jurisdiction that one will be working in. Not only is thorough knowledge of the natural characteristics such as geological and meteorological aspects of the jurisdiction to scientifically cater to the unique environmental concerns of a certain area, but it is also essential that one also knowledge of the social and judicial aspects of the jurisdiction for easier cooperation with the citizens and more efficient applications of environmental impact assessments…

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Favourite Movie

My favourite movie is 3 idiot. 3 Idiots is adapted from a Chetan Bhagat’s novel. It is not just a story of 3 engineering students. The movie also presents the struggles of life that people have to face in their lives. The movie portrays how the human struggle for existence begins with the birth of a child. The child opens his eyes in the world to see the expectations floating in the eyes of his parents who want their children…

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