Elephants Essays

Brutality of Ivory Trade

In 1989, CITIES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) approved a worldwide ban on ivory trade due to extensive poaching reducing the African elephant population by more than half. However, levels of poaching and illegal trade are getting out of control once again. Since 1997, certain countries such as Botswana and Zimbabwe have tried to weaken the ban by allowing the sale of thousands of kilograms of ivory to China and Japan. It…

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Evolution of Elephants

Elephant is the largest land mammal and the second largest of all animals, exceeded only by some whales. Elephants occur in tropical regions of India, Ceylon, and adjacent areas of Asia and in Africa. They are popular attractions in zoos, parks, and circuses throughout the world. The elephant is a tall, very strong animal with a large head; large ears; a very long trunk or proboscis; ivory tusks; a thick neck; thick, straight, columnar legs; short, broad, padlike feet; a…

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Hills Like White Elephants

In “Hills like White Elephants,” Jig describes the hills from a distance like white elephants. That description signifies that, for Jig, her pregnancy is something that is precious while a burden at the same time. In order to understand the situation of Jig, it is important to note that white elephants are considered to be sacred and symbolize justice in Southeast Asian monarchies. On the other hand, these elephants come with a costly price in terms of its upkeep or…

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