Edinburgh Essays

Good Vs Evil Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The world as we know it is constantly moving and changing; events occur that can affect people’s lives even if they are thousands of miles away. Whether or not these happenings are good or evil can shape one’s mindset and outlook on the actions they take themselves. Both have distinct strengths and weaknesses; however, the real question one must ask is which side of the spectrum is more capable of influencing humanity. In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde written by…

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Scottish Independence

Money, Money, Money. How much money could Scotland bring in if they weren’t part of the UK? Well, the answer is YES WE CAN! In fact Scotland would officially be the 6th richest country in the world whereas the UK is currently 17th richest country in the world. Scotland has 24 billion barrels of oil left which can bring in an estimated ? 1. 7 trillion which we would get over 10-20 years. ?1. 7 trillion could, well would boost…

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