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Middle East

The central difference between Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims is the manner in which they have chosen to recognize leadership in Islam following the death of the prophet Muhammad. Etymologically, Sunni people are those who “follow the traditions of the Prophet,” whilst the Shia are those who follow the “Household of the Prophet,” and these are apt descriptors of the manner in which they differ. Sunni Muslims chose to recognize the authority of Muhammad’s companions, who declared that the role…

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Culture in the Middle East

With beautiful gardens, polished township and enthralling landscape, Zabidi was the town enticed by Ibn Batuta and is cherished by every one who visits. Anne Meneley explored the beauty of this place in her “Tournaments of Value: Sociability and Hierarchy in a Yemeni Town” but beyond this she explored various dynamics of the women’s life in the social context of the place. She unveils veiling body images of women in context to the politically and sexually stimulated men and their…

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Germany and the Middle East Relations

Do you know that German and Middle East relations started as early as 17th Century? These relationships however had been with strings attached. One set out to manipulate the other for its own selfish gain. Germany had all the power to manipulate Middle Eastern countries. Its main interest was to colonize the Ottoman Empire (Schwanitz 1). This essay seeks to explore through the past, present and future relations between Germany and Middle East in terms of policies, treaties, political, economic,…

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