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Dubliners & Stories

James Joyce’s book, “Dubliners” offers a variety of stories about the city of Dublin. James wrote the collection of short fifteen stories where each story adds to the wonderful completion of the book. Each story was so different from the previous and it was very interesting to read various tales that took place in Dublin where each of the stories were kept interested and ready to read the next short story about a great love for the country and you…

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Dubliners & Country

Dubliners is a book written by James Joyce and published by Penguin Classics. It has a collection of 15 short stories with wonderful plot, characters, and themes. It talks about interesting tales set in Dublin and various characters which show great love for their country in general. Readers will find themselves more than interested and glued to the leaves of the book. They will feel like they are in a roller coaster ride as the stories unfold before them, shifting…

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