Dominican Republic Essays

Essay About Myself

A New Beginning I was born in the Dominican Republic “Quisqueya la Bella” as we called it, and I used to live with my Parents and two elder sisters, my mother worked as a teacher, and my father was a policeman. Then my father dies when I was only 11 years old, and two years after that, my mother Met Miguel; and they fell in love, and got married. Then Miguel, now my stepfather came to the U.S. and Five…

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Dominican Republic International Strategies Foreign Policy and National Security Affairs

Dominican Republic is known to be one of the US Loyalists around the world today. Primarily, this is because of the fact that the United States has actually been involved in the huge part of the country’s history. As for now, the country is involved in a representative democracy status of governance. Guided primarily by the American government, the country is able to survive the challenges of the modern life in the industrial scene in the society today. A LAND…

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