Discourse Essays

Environmental Discourse

Although environmental concerns have attained increasing currency within society, general coverage by the media fails to recognize that not all environmental discourses are alike. Different ideological strains exist and maintain different assumptions about not just the source of environmental problems, but the kinds of solutions that are necessary to solving environmental problems. In the latter half of the 20th century, when environmentalism arose as a distinct political and social ideology, the form of environmental discourse held by most of its…

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Discourse on Modernization

The discourse on Modernization was resisted by the Communists led by the USSR through a policy of isolation and xenophobia. The improvement of quality of life Modernization would bring was a threat to their hold on nations. Hence it was against the best interest of Communist governments that their holdings obtain genuine modernization. One major example was the Iron Curtain. Movement of people, goods and information was severely restricted along the east-west Germany border especially during the 50s and 60s….

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Gender Differences in Discourse

The ability to communicate with our fellow human beings makes us distinct from other living beings. The chapter has made it very clear that speaking is not conversation. Conversation is a collaborative effort by both the speaker and the listener. Our success much depends on how well we can interact with people around us. It much depends upon understanding certain factors called ‘social dynamics’ in conversation. In the essay “Women Talk Too Much” Janet Holmes makes it very clear that…

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