Dinner Essays

Growing Up Asian in Australia Creative Story

I just had an enormous fight with my mother, “I forbid you to ever go near the athletic track when you’re under my roof.” She didn’t take the news of my athletic training too lightly. “You go back there, you’re out! Out on the streets!” I grabbed my runners and slammed the front door on her. When she was out of earshot, I started insulting her with every swear word I knew, in both English and Vietnamese. I started running…

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Food Has Become Easier to Prepare

We live in century when everybody has device:”The time is Gold”.We always work,rush and have busy life.So that’s why the fast food is the best choise for men,who don’t want to waste their time with waiting for preparing something to eat.And it concern that kind of people who eats for living,not lives for eating!We can find fast food in some caffe,restaurants or in other such kind of places,where people heat just for satisfaction feelings of hunger as quick as possible….

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