Deviation Essays

The Acl Benford Command

A. 1. The ACL Benford command counts the times each digit or digit combination occurs in a data set and makes a comparison between actual count and expected count. The output of the command is showed in a graph and includes Z-statistic for each count to help evaluate the significance of deviation between actual and expected counts. 2. The use of Benford command provides auditors and other data analysts caution on that there are possible anomalies in large data sets…

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Standard Deviation Use in the Business World

Abstract This paper evaluates the role of standard deviation in business. As part of the evaluation, a brief summary of five different peer reviewed papers has been presented. Topics such as, the purpose of the study, the research questions, the hypothesis of the study, and the main findings of the study for the five papers, have been summarized by each of the learning team members. Standard Deviation use in the Business World Standard Deviation is a statistical measurement that shows…

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Free Fall

The purpose of this experiment is to understand why we have variances in measurements and how to reduce the variances. When taking a measurement there are multiple factors that affect its value. The more the measurement is taken the measurements average is closer to the actual value. Other factors include the instruments calibration, cleanliness of the inside of the measuring arms and human error in reading the measurements off of the measuring devices. For this experiment, we followed the procedures…

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