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Describing Ways of Identifying and Meeting Development Needs

Self assessment is an attribute that allows an employee to take ownership of a particular area of their personal, academic or work based life. Self assessment means an employee will have to review their actions, skills, strengths, weaknesses, key activities etc. and be able to provide themselves with a summary evaluation. This can then be used as part of an appraisal to give the employee their own opportunity to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This will then be incorporated into…

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Describe Succinctly Margalit and Halbertal’s Main Arguments

In “Liberalism and the Right to Culture” Avishai Margalit and Moshe Halbertal’s primary argument, in the case of Ultra Orthodox Jews and Israeli Arabs in Israel, is that the state of Israel should conduct public policy in a way that will assist with the preservation of these groups’ minority culture. They attest that what is known as right to culture supersedes the state of Israel’s neutrality and requires that it “actively assist needy cultures” (p. 492). This right encompasses several…

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Describing and Pursuing

Based on these two articles, we can say that according to Wheatley a leader should be fearless in face of challenges; a leader should lead change and be willing to take the first step to help and influence a situation. She also believes that leadership is not about being at an important position. According to her, anyone can be a leader simply by refusing to take things lying down and by standing up to do something about a problem and…

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