Deontological Essays

Deontological and a Utilitarian

This essay is going to look at two points of view a deontological and a utilitarian. This is a very difficult situation and almost impossible to say what is right. Justin Ellsworth is a Marine who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. After his death his parents wanted to access his Yahoo! e-mail account. They made an informal request to Yahoo! asking for his e-mail account password. Yahoo! denied the request because of their privacy terms and because of…

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Ethics, What Is Ethics

What Is Ethics? Ethics is the part of philosophy that deals with good and evil. Ethics tries to answer questions like: •What actions are good? What actions are evil? •How can we tell the difference? •Are good and evil the same for everyone? •How should we make hard decisions that might help or hurt other people? The Four main studies of ethics are; •Meta-ethics, about the theoretical meaning of moral propositions and ethical opinions; •Normative ethics, an abstract set of…

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Logical and Rational Exchange

In the 1990’s police officers employed the “stop and frisk” technique (World Socialist Website) to apprehend possible and alleged street criminals or suspects. However, it is disconcerting that a new development has evolved. Police officers are now using unnecessary force on students, old people, children and almost any body. There are several incidents in 2007 where students were Tasered by police officers for very insignificant reasons. A student from UCLA was repeatedly stunned after having been caught studying in the…

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