Defense Essays

Historical Overview of the Insanity Defense

The basic objective of this project is to be able to narrate the history of the creation and use of insanity defense. The theory of using insanity to defend those who are charged with serious criminal acts like murder has been espoused by the proponents of the insanity defense ever since this particular move gained popularity especially among lawyers who successfully defended their clients by winning lesser forms of penalties (sometimes, even early freedom) for their clients by pleading that…

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In Defense of the Weak

Have you murdered anyone? How about you? We are all afraid of murder for this does not only voraciously end a life; it also leads the murder to a gruesome punishment legally and religiously. All religions uphold the sanctity of life and abhor the unjust ending of it. It is the belief of many that if one does not shun from evil acts, such as killing, he will burn in hell. We all hold these views but why is it…

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