Dairy Essays

Swot Analysis of Vinamilk

1.1. Strength a. Market share leader due to good branding In recent years, Vinamilk is the market share leader of the dairy market in Vietnam. 39% of dairy product belongs to Vinamilk. From the beginning of operation, the name “Vinamilk” was used and step by step, they owned a certain place in consumers’ mind. Some reason for this success may be advertising, marketing, continuous innovation in product to serve the customer demand as well as compete with other counterparts. The…

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Performance Appraisal System of Milma

1.1Introduction to the study In the business world. Investment is made in machinery, equipments and services. Quite naturally time and money is spent ensuring that they provide what their suppliers claim. In other words, the performance is constantly appraised against the results expected. When it comes to one of the most expensive resources companies invest in, namely people, the job appraising performance against results is often carried out with the same objectivity. Each individual has a role to play and…

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