Customer Relationship Management Essays

Entertainment Industry

1. ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY •2. INTRODUCTION The story of single-screen theatre has reached its sad end in India. Multi-screen theaters have opened new vistas for the entertainment industry. After the entry of corporate titans like Reliance, the scenario of entertainment services has become more professional than ever. These theaters have changed the entire movie-going experience. •3. Multiplexes currently constitute 4-5 % of the 12,900 screens in India, the industry has a long way to go. This is just the beginning of…

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Operation Strategy(dell, & Ibm)

Question: Discuss operations strategies of three companies. Answer: Operational Strategy: Introduction: has become the largest customer friendly online retailer and provides one click purchase facility to its wide range of products including books, music, toys, gifts, electronics etc. For 2011 Amazon’s net sales documented the value of $48077 million to earn net income of $631 million (Annual Report, 2011). Currently, Amazon is serving more than 137 million of its customers with its 56200 employees all over the world….

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