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At&t’s Resources and Capabilities

AT&T is one of the largest telecommunication network provider in the world and they are a market leader in United States. Besides the traditional forms of communication like local and distance telephone services through mobile lines or landlines, AT&T’s primary business is to provide a diversified of telecommunication services to American customers and their services includes: Wi-Fi, high speed internet, internet TV, fiber optics, satellites, voice and cloud services with a whole suite of IP-based business communication services. They were…

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July at the Multiplex

The purpose of this report is to inform Mr. Mull T. Plex and the consortium of theaters about the recommended actions to take against moviegoer Tommy. The options include proceeding with the litigation or negotiating a settlement that will be dealt with privately. The litigation against the Royal Theater is made by Tommy, a customer who claimed to have received a poor experience at the theater. In the following report, we used legal, statistical, and ethical reasoning. Legal: After analyzing…

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