Cultural Diversity Essays

The Capability of Culture

The capability of culture to transcend and influence people’s action and decision making processes remain to be seen since time in memorial. It tries to reach out into many diverse fields of study and tries to exemplify an explanation that these things are influenced by numerous perceptions, action and ideals present during a particular time frame. It is through this that culture can be argued to have a practical value or utility. In understanding this relationship, one must be keen…

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Latino Culture Related to Purnell Model

Cultural competence is the ability to interact well with people of different cultural backgrounds (Rundle, 2002). It provides the best ways of meeting the needs of diverse patient population which is always on the increase, as well as ways of effectively advocating for them. This means that cultural competence has the benefit of enabling nurses to deliver services that respect and effectively respond to health beliefs and practice needs of diverse patients. Through the process of globalization, nurses are moving…

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Traditional Vs Nontraditional Culture

Comparing traditional and nontraditional cultures is one significant element in the psychology field known as Cross-cultural psychology. In cross-cultural psychology the underlying causes and effects of cultural diversity are examined. This field is a comparative field that involves analyzing behaviors between cultures and how cultural norms can vary. This paper will discuss the comparisons and contrasts among rural and urban African American cultures in reference to cross-cultural psychology. The values, beliefs, and behaviors among each of the cultures will be…

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