Cross Cultural Communication Essays


|Assessor’s comments | |Qualification |QCF Level 7 : Extended Diploma in Strategic |Assessor name |Atif Kauser | | |Management & Leadership | | | |Unit number and title |4- Developing corporate culture |Learner name | | |Assignment title |Culture, Objectives and improving corporate climate | | | |Assessment Criteria |Achieved? | |AC 1.1: explain how models of organisation culture can be used to achieve organizational objectives | | |AC 1.2: explain the difference between organisational and national culture | |…

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Tesco Organisation Culture

The purpose of the essay is to critically analyse a key organisational behavioral and/or human resource issue facing an organisation of our choice. The author will be looking at the important issues surrounding the fall and challenges of Tesco in China. This essay is to show an understanding of the general cultural differences between UK and China by applying the cultural dimensions of Hofstede. It discusses the impact of these cultural differences on their management practice from five aspects: cooperative…

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Cross Cultural Issues

With hot topics like globalization and cross-cultural opportunities in the Asia Pacific rim, one might think it would be easy to research the implications of cross cultural issues. Rather, what the writer found was a significant discussion all around the periphery but little in-depth analysis. Discussion prevailed on the socio-economic and technological ramifications. Others resources focused on the language issues but little work was intuitively available on the subtleties of cross cultural issues one may encounter. Based on experience working…

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