Controversial History Essays

Reificaition Case

Wikipedia defines reification as “(Lat. res thing + facere to make) n. the turning of something into a thing or object; the error which consists in treating as a “thing” something which is not one. Hypostatization, treating an abstract entity as if it were concrete, is a case in point”. In Marxist terms, it is the consideration of a human being as a physical object, deprived of subjectivity. According to Marxists, this is one of the pitfalls of the capitalist…

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Internet Is Most Influential Invention in American History

The United States of America who has been ruling the power in technology, communication and in every other field with advance from its history and giving birth to new generation invention which human mind can’t “even think off from early dreams of global information networks to the dominance of the World Wide Web, networked computers have changed the way Americans interact with the world”. (Inventing the Internet Age – Science and Technology – CBC Archives) In the history of America,…

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Sketch of the Flying Machine

Introduction: 20 Million Years ago the earth was in the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) age in which, temperatures on the earth rose by as much as 10 degrees in a relatively short period of time. As Grebulon strode stood on the swampy ground next to his time machine, he took of his towel to wipe out the sticky substance on his foot. He might have stepped on a pteropod that was on the swampy ground he was standing. Nearby, he…

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