Conceptions Essays

Conceptions of Women and the Foreigner

In the ancient Greek life, women’s role was always considered to be quite insignificant as compared to the role of the Greek men. However, in most tragedies women were the major and integral characters who revealed some insights on the way the women happened to be treated and also thought in the entire society. Medea is maybe the most complex and fascinating character when we look closely to the Greek’s drama. She is an immense and an ultimate mixture of…

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Conceptions of Moral Obligation

The existence of the conception of moral obligation presupposes the existence of an autonomous individual capable of possessing obligation. Autonomy, however, stands in conflict with the various facets involved in the process of attaining such a state since an individual’s dimensions of action are privy to the effects of history [in the sense that history defines man]. In relation to that, an individual’s nature is in conflict to the dimensions of judgment privy to the effects of man’s natural needs…

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Curriculum Conceptions

A curriculum conception or theory is defined as a certain approach that is used in the development and also enactment of a curriculum. The curriculum can also be seen and understood in terms of different conceptions and they include; the academic rationalist conception, the humanistic conception, the cognitive perception and the social re-constructionist conception. Curriculum conceptions ? The academic rationalist conception. The academic rationalism conceptualizes curriculum as distinct disciplines or subjects. The conception puts more emphasis on the responsibilities of…

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