Coconut Essays

Coconut Shell and Meat Separator

The shell and coconut meat are removed manually using knife and hooks. Automation results in reduction of human effort and improves productivity of the output product. The dried coconuts are collected and they are placed in the clamping setup one by one. The loaded clamper setup moves along with the conveyor. When the clamping setup approaches the proximity sensor, the conveyor stops moving and the double acting cylinder gets actuated. As the double acting cylinder moves down, stepper motor starts…

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Cococnut Tonic Drink

Coconut water is technically a fruit juice, extracted from coconuts. It is a popular refreshing beverage widely consumed in tropical countries, commonly sold fresh by street vendors still in its green shell, and drunk through a straw. Euromonitor International’s soft drinks data shows that Brazil is currently the world’s largest market for packaged coconut water. Coconut water’s success in Brazil indicates that major opportunities exist in other tropical countries where the drink is part of local beverage consumption culture, such…

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Coconut Shell as Polish

Abstract… The study focused in making a specialized shoe polish from burned dried coconut husk. It aimed to prove the affectivity of the product in terms of some parametric measurements based on the preferences made by respondents. The parameters were adapted from written reviews for top commercial products. Also, this was made to test if there are really no significant difference between the output of the study and the existing product in the market. After gathering data through rating scales…

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