Civil Procedure Essays

Case Brief No 1

Citation: Harvestons Securities, Inc. v. Narnia Investments, Ltd., 218 S.W.3d 126 (2007) Plaintiff and Defendant: The plaintiff/appellant is Harvestons Securities, Inc. The defendant/appellee is Narnia Investments, Ltd. Facts: In year 2000, Narnia Investments, Ltd. sued Harvestons Securities, Inc. and several defendants in trial court of Texas. The trial court then granted a default judgment against Harvestons and in favor of Narnia that Harvestons has to pay $365,000, plus attorney’s fees, prejudgment interest, and postjudgment interest. Harvestons claimed that it had…

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Facts: Precise Engineering Corporation has a contract with Quik Mart Stores to provide customized software for Quik’s inventory control system. Retail Outlets, Inc, Quik’s competitor, induces Sam, a Precise subcontractor who is writing code for the Quik software, to delay delivery of the code for one week. As a result, Precise’s delivery of the software is delayed, and Quik sustains $500,000 in lost profits. Issue: Whether Retail Outlets willfully interfered with a contractual relationship with Engineering Corporation and Quik Mart…

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