Chronic Essays

Annotated Bibliography_ Stress Management

Throughout life stress is a common problem whether it’s at work, school or home. The many negative effects of stress in fact affect individuals differently varying from health issues to work performance. Therefore, all individuals have different views of stress and various ways of handling it or otherwise managing their stress. Stress is when any living thing feels endangered and its homeostasis is at risk (Varvogli & Darviri, 2011, p. 74). Ways of dealing with stress are efforts of cognitive,…

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Selling Kidneys_ Right or Wrong_

I. Introduction Living, despite having a failed essential organ was a dream till 1954. Joseph Murray successfully performed a kidney transplant in 1954 and made the dream of many come true. Since then, organ transplantation emerged as one of the strongest branch in medical history evolving with itself a number of ethical issues. One of the highlighting ethical issues is whether a donor should be allowed to sell his organ to the recipient for money or not? I will limit…

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