Chlorophyll Essays

Leaf Lab

Associate Level Material LeafLab Report |Full Name |Cynthia Barriera | |Date |09/01/13 | Use this document to report your findings from the LeafLab Exploration Experiment. The lab report consists of three sections: Data, Exploration, and Lab Summary. Data: copy any data, graphs, charts, or notes that you have saved in your LeafLab online notebook into this section. Exploration: Answer the questions. The questions in the Exploration section are the same questions in your LeafLab instructions. Lab Summary: Write a 100-…

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Paper Chromatography Lab

Purpose: to separate the various photosynthetic pigments of Spinacia oleracea leaves. Materials: – methanol – water – filter paper – sand – test tube – 10 S. oleracea leaves – 2 wooden splints – mortar – pestle Method: First, 10 S. oleracea leaves were gathered. A piece of filter paper, a wooden splint, a mortar and pestle were also gathered. The leaves were placed inside the mortar, filling the mortar approximately half full. The leaves were then crushed with the…

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