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Physiological and Psychological Responses

Attainment tests are an important aspect of measuring knowledge demonstrated or the outcomes that following instructions in a specific program. Intelligence tests determine an individual’s abilities being a reflection of experience gained in other means not necessarily part of school curriculum. However, examinee performance in these tests has been noted to vary from one kind of environmental setting to the other due to a number of both environmental and examinee factors (Pinku & Birenbaum, 1997).. For instance, environmental factors such…

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Goals Statement

When I first sat down to write my educational goals statement, I thought it would be easy. I am an extremely goal oriented person, with my entire life being spent focusing on “what’s next”. So, how difficult could it be to simply write down those goals? When I began writing, however, I discovered it was going to be a little more difficult than I anticipated. I realized that it may be possible to have too many goals. My list was…

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Tinplate Company of India – Need for a Conceptual Focus

1.0 situational analysis The Tinplate Company of India Limited (TCIL) is one of the major tinplate manufacturing companies of India. It was started in 1922 and is jointly held by Burmah Shell, Shaw Wallace, Tata Steel and Tata Iron & Steel Company. TCIL used to import its major raw material, Tin Mill Black Plate (TMBP), till 1997. However, like all major steel mills worldwide it attained self sufficiency in TMBP by setting up its own cold rolling facility. It clearly…

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