Catalase Essays

Effect of Decreasing the Concentration of 95% Solution of Ethanol on the Volume of Oxygen Gas Collected Through the Reaction of Hydrogen Peroxide and Catalase

The purpose of this lab was to test if ethanol affects the reaction involving hydrogen peroxide and catalase. Tests were performed by putting chicken liver, ethanol solution (diluted ethanol solution for other trials) and hydrogen peroxide in a test tube with a side arm, and having a rubber tube lead the oxygen gas into a gas collection tube. Results from the tests showed a negative correlation, this means that the more diluted the solution of 95% ethanol was, the less…

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Lab_ Enzymes

Answer the questions and report your data in this fillable PDF using the observations and results you recorded in your lab manual while performing the experiments. Save the completed PDF file with your last name and lab number and submit the report as directed by your instructor. (For example: jones_lab5.pdf) Consider the Concepts 1. If a chemical reaction is exergonic, it is considered spontaneous. Explain in one to two complete sentences why a spontaneous reaction would benefit from an enzyme…

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The Effect of Tempature on Enzyme Activity

Throughout this report you will gain information as to how temperature effects the amount of oxygen produced in an enzyme- catalase experiment. In the experiment we used liver extract as a catalase and created a chemical reaction within a reaction chamber between the catalase and hydrogen peroxide as well as three different controlled temperatures. In the procedure below there will be a step by step process as to how the experiment was created. As a result we found that the…

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