Byzantine Empire Essays

Fulcher of Chartes_pope Urban’s Speech at Clermont

8.4 Fulcher of Chartres, “Pope Urban II’s Speech at Clermont” As the crusades began, Christians gathered to hear the insightful speech given by Pope Urban II in which he was able take unruly knights and give them a common enemy to fight. The enemies were the Muslims and Turks who were attacking the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Land. Urban II’s speech gave insights to the knightly class who were engaging in warlike tendencies and encouraged them to help people…

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Post Classical Europe_ the Byzantine Empire

The history of Europe has long been tied to the history of the world. It has an opulent, often colorful history that shaped much of the world that we see today. Indeed, Europe has seen many changes in its long history and among the most interesting are the last days of the Roman Empire as it existed and overlapped with the Middle Ages. This period is the crossroad of European history, an era which we more commonly refer to as…

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Why Byzantine Economy Remained One of the Most Powerful in Europe Through Early Middle Ages

“Why Byzantine economy remained one of the most powerful in Europe through Early Middle Ages? ” The Byzantine cconomy was one of the largest systems throughout Europe and the Mediterannean for many centuries. Both local and international trade were of huge importance for the Byzantine Empire. Lower class, including traders, depended on the upper class. Their need of the foreign goods in order to stay in Local trade was much less popular. Throughout the fourth and sixth centuries, long-distance trade…

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