Buyer Essays

Buyer and Seller Relationship in the Retail Industry

1. Introduction For many years buyers and sellers in the clothing retail sector have been battling to answer the question as to why it is difficult to build a steady relationship with one another. This can be due to the knowledge gap that there is in a lack of understanding on the issue. We aim to thoroughly associate the concepts of Collaboration, Information Sharing, Joint Relationship Effort, Dedicated Investments, Commitment and Trust, Satisfaction and Performance with the different buyer –…

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The Stages of Consumer Buying Decision Process

A purchaser buy a product or service for the first time. The greater cost or risk, the larger the number of participants and the greater their information gathering. New task buying is the marketer greatest opportunity and challenge. The process passes through several stages. They are: 1. Awareness 2. Interest 3. Evaluation 4. Trial 5. Adoption Systems Buying and Selling Many business buyers prefer to buy a total solution to a problem from one seller. System buying – The practice…

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