British Airways Essays

Analysis of the Macro and Micro Environment at British Airways

British Airways is the largest international scheduled airline in the UK. The company was founded in 1919, and has continued to grow and expand since privatisation in 1987, until the global recession hit in 2008. On 23rd January 2009 the UK was officially declared to be in recession following two consecutive quarters in 2008 during which economic growth dropped (BBC, 2009). Many businesses, including British Airways, have found it increasingly difficult to survive in the resulting testing macroeconomic environment. The…

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British Airways

BA has been redefining the vision, and making sure it is successfully carried out throughout the organization, and hence led to corporate success. The mission is, of course, wider than being merely an airline with good customer relations and service. British Airways are constantly working towards creating an inclusive culture that understands and respects the individual differences of our employees. In addition they seek to deliver a service which reflects and responds to the diverse range of customer needs. BA…

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The British Airways Swipe Card Debacle

On July 18, 2003, British Airways (BA) staff held a 24-hour strike (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2009). This strike was in protest of a newly introduced system that would electronically record when staff started and fished work for the day. For BA management it was a way to “modernize” its systems, while “improving the efficient use of staff and resources (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2009).” Unfortunately, BA staff felt that it would enable mangers a reason to manipulate their work…

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