Botany Essays

Botany of a City

The story of each community can be determined by its plant life. Plant life can determine what will inhabit the area and what the economy will thrive on. Atlanta, Georgia is no exception. When the first European explorers reached the upper Piedmont of Georgia, it was already inhabited by Creek Indians, also known as the Muskogee. The Creek Indians believed that there were supernatural powers attributed to all natural things. They used many plants in healing the sick and also…

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Field Trip to the National Botanical Garden

Our first Botany field trip to the National Botanical Garden was filled with both captivating views and significant information of plant life. Although I was born and raised on Kaua’i, visiting there was a first time experience for me. It was definitely an awesome opportunity not only because of the free admission, but also to be able to learn about the native and tropical beauty in Hawaii. We started the morning with delicious malasadas (brain food), and then proceeded to…

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Three Major Types of Vascular Plants

Lower Vascular Plants Lower vascular plants include divisions Lycophyta, Sphenophyta, and Pterophyta. Division Lycophyta includes club mosses and ground pines. Sporophytes of these have stems covered with small, scaly leaves. Sporangia appear on the upper surface of the leaves and are structures that produce spores. Lycopods have small leaves that each contains one vein that brings water to the leaf from the roots and carries away extra food. Division Sphenophyta is made up of horsetails or scouring rushes. Similar to…

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