Blocking Essays

Dance 101

As a group, sit down to brainstorm, discuss and decide upon a social or political issue that you want to explore through movement. Examples of social/political issues are: homelessness, oppression, environmental issues, corporate avarice, racism, domestic violence, racial profiling, but there are many, many issues that can be explored in addition to those mentioned above. You may wish to bring in source material (a photograph, a poem/song, a painting, news clip, a personal story, etc. , related to the social/political…

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Sweeney Todd Analysis

The stage was quite large with a multi-level set. B) The set was dimly lit before the show and eerie music was playing to create a spooky atmosphere. C) Before the show, I could tell that there was going to be a lot of shady actions taking place due to the appearance of the dingy street setting. D) Sweeney Todd took place on a proscenium stage, where the audience was looking in upon the scene as if a wall were…

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